Monday, April 17, 2006

St. Michael Roman Catholic Church

In the 1950s Orlando had three churches. The nicest structure, a large brick building near downtown, belonged to St Michael Roman Catholic Church. Don't know much about that Roman church but records show that Mike Moran, undertaker and businessman, and as much a civic leader as Orlando ever had, was buried in St Michael Catholic Cemetery in 1954. His sister Mamie married married Michael McDonald there on May 28, 1912.
St Michael must have closed in the 1950s; I remember grandma taking us to a decidedly un-Roman traveling revival held in that building during the 1950s. Outside of that, I never saw any activity at that building, although it and the land around it were well maintained.

Today a Baptist church is thriving in that structure.

This photo is from Heritage of Braxton County, West Virginia, 1995, published by S. E. Grose and Braxton County Heritage Committee

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