Friday, June 02, 2006

Alfred & Christina Posey- More Questions

Alfred and Christina (Curtis) Posey's history is almost as fuzzy as this photo of them. We don't know where they lived in 1850 and 1860, but they didn't live on Oil Creek. The 1850 census has him in Lewis County and the 1860 census has him in Braxton, which is not at all odd, but in both cases their census listing is many pages away from the Blakes & Riffles & Godfreys & Williamses that cluster together in Battle Township, Lewis County and Salt Lick, Braxton County, where the two counties meet at Oil Creek.

Their Lewis Co. neighbors in 1850, (that I am able to make out) included Thomas & Martha Hawkins, Elizabeth Waldo. Their Braxton Co. neighbors in 1860 (that I am able to make out) were Newton & Mary Godfrey and John & Margaret Donelson.

Another clue to finding where they lived might be found in who their kids married as kids often marry in their neighborhood. Alfred and Christina's kids married 2 Murphys, 2 Heaters, a Robinson, a Dennison, a Hopkins down in Flatwoods, a Knight and a Dolan, in addition to a couple Skinners, of course.

Alfred was one of the later children of our founding mother, Catherine (Scott) Skinner Posey and her second husband, Edward Posey. Christina was born in 1818 and Alfred was born a year later in 1819. Alfred and Christina married the day after Christmas in 1841 in Lewis County. They had thirteen kids. At least one of them died as a child. Christina died in March of 1892 and Alfred followed the next year in August of 1892.

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