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1915 Orlando

All the photos on this page have been seen elsewhere. All were taken in the 1910s.

Sarah Jane Watson1 provided the following description of this familiar panorama of downtown, Lewis County, Orlando.

"Mike Moran's undertaking establishment, the Art Gallery photogrphic studios of Lee Morrison, the pool room and the post office were all in the large three story building to the right of the union depot. Directly across the street from it (to the right) can be seen the side and facade of the Charles M. Knight grocery store and barbershop. Arnold Heater later ran the store. The one room Confluence School is in the upper center on the hill." To the right is a closeup of the union station and the crossing of the B&O and the Coal & Coke rails that sits just right of center in the panorama.

The photo of Oras and Edith (Skinner) Stutler, taken the day before he left to fight in The Great War, was taken at Lee Morrison's Art Gallery studio. Mike Moran, Orlando's undertaker and entrepreneur is pictured to the right (This photo was taken in 1921, but we're guessing he hadn't changed too much in a year and a half.) The school class from 1915 would have been those attending the school in the upper center of the panorama.

1) Myrtle Morrison 2) Jim Bee3 _______Riffle(dtr of Roy Riffle) 4) unknown 5) unknown 6) Ab Butcher (?) 7) unknown 8) Mazel Henline 9) Opal Jeffries 10) Coleman Jeffries 11) Alma Henline (?) (dtr of Minnie Mitchell) 12) Addie Murphy (married John Dolan) 13) unknown (teacher)14) unknown 15) Charlie Moran 16) Nora Oldaker 17) Wick Moran 18) Lula Blake,dtr of Frank & Ollie Blake 19) Earl Copeland,son of Bill & Minnie Copeland.

Additional comments, identifications, corrections are most welcome.

1 Joy Gilchrist, Lewis County West Virginia p. 147

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