Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hotel Kelly

Another piece from David Parmer's fine and extensive collection, this advertisement is from the Burnsville newspaper, the Kanawha Banner. This ad ran at least from 1910 through 1912.
It reads:

When in Orlando come to
Hotel Kelly
11 A.M. Dinners a specialty
Special attention given to transient trade.
B.V. Kelly, Prop'r

About the proprietor: Burgess V. Kelly1 married Adella Wade, a daughter of Charles W. Wade of Burnsville. Adella died in 1907 at the age of 24. They had one child, Wilbert Wade Kelly, who was a long time chemistry teacher in Burnsville. Wilbert Wade's daughter Ann (Kelly) Redcliff tells us that B.V. Kelly (her grandfather) was the son of Edgar M. and Margaret Anis Kelly. (Edgar was born at Hacker's Creek in 1840 and died 1918. Margaret was born 1851 and died in 1937.)

David Parmer says, "The advertisement may have run longer but I do not have the newspapers from Burnsville prior to 1910. I don't know when the Hotel started or when it ceased to operate." We know from his granddaughter that B.V. moved to Weston for a while and then to California around 1921 and died in Los Angeles in 1956.

1. Ann (Kelly) Redcliff also tells us that some of the documentation spells the last name as "Kelly" and sometimes "Kelley".

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