Sunday, December 17, 2006

Three Henline Brothers In WWII

Newt and Dora (Posey) Henline's three boys, Ben, Pete and Hollis Henline, served during World War II. They grew up on Oil Creek, just downstream (west) of downtown.

The Clarksburg newpaper clipping shows, left to right, Hollis, Ben and Pete.

Ben was held prisoner in a German prison camp. He never married. We understand Hollis married a English girl he met during the war, but the war time romance didn't last and they divorced. (There may have been a child from that marriage who lives in England.) Both Ben and Hollis lived in Clarksburg after the war. Hollis married Clarksburg girl, Lucille Minardi. Hollis worked for Brockway Glass in Clarksburg for over 30 years.

Pete Henline returned from the service to live in Orlando. He was Orlando's postmaster for a long time. (Pete was an central figure in Orlando in his time. We'll add more about him ASAP.)

The boys' dad, Newton Henline, was the son of John Henline, one of Beham's brothers, Their mom, Dora, was the daughter of Perry Scott and Lucy Almira (Skinner) Posey. Newt and Dora also two daughters, Evelyn and Mazel, pictured to the right and a boy, Hubert, who died as a child, pictured to the left with his younger sister Mazel.

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