Friday, April 27, 2007

Waitin’ On the Train

The unidentified girl waiting at the Orlando Station for the west-bound train evoked in David Parmer thoughts of the many young people who had to leave Orlando to find their way in the changing world of the 20th century.
To the right is a postcard to Samantha (Skinner) Henline, (1853-1930), Alexander & Phoebe Skinner's daughter.

by David Parmer
I'm waitin' on the train
In old Orlando town
I've got to see the world
So now I'm Akron bound.
My heart here will remain
With my dear loving mother
To Clover Fork some day
We'll visit one another.

And when she's gone on high
On the hill to be with Dad
The train each Decoration Day
Will bring me back, tho sad.

In the picture above, to the right and behind the storage shed behindthe girl would have been the depot pictured in the photo to the right.

Click on the photos to see them better and note the boardwalk across Clover Fork behind her on the left. It was located between the storage shed (above) and the depot (right). Also, note the long, substantial brick paving in both photos.

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