Monday, April 28, 2008

Lambing Season

by Donna Gloff

This is lambing season, a wonderful time of the year. This was, and to some degree still is, part of life in the Oil Creek watershed.

To the left are lambs on the Kilmarnock Farm today on Clover Fork. below is Clarence McCauley later in the summer in a year in the 1940s, on his McCauley Run farm.

- Remember Beham Henline was buying and selling Confluence sheep pelts in the late 1800s?
~ Flukey Posey who was a top-of-the-line sheep shearer?
~ Preacher Keller who raised some mighty tastey mutton?
~ Oras Stutler and his buddy who picked up some change buying dirty sheep at the stock auction, Cloroxing them & selling them at the next auction, snowy clean?

. . . . .
Vidoes of Lambing and Spring Lambs
The two 2008 videos below are not Orlando, but they could just as well have been. These were taken from AOL Video. One shows a ewe delivering her second of two lambs.
The other shows lambs born in 2008, less than a week old here... in a nursery with their mothers and the ewes who will be delivering soon.

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