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10 Things About My Grandparents

Alva Brandon & Gertrude (Dennison) Blake

Alva Brandon Blake grew up on Clover Fork, one of ten children in a farm family that traced back through Oil Creek pioneers, Indian fighters and Confederate soldiers. His parents were John Jackson and Ella Mae (Foster) Blake. One of his brothers was Lee Washington Blake. His sister Nora was the mother of the musical family that included the dulcimer craftsman Hilary Blake

Alva married Gertrude Dennison whose parents had moved to Jane Lew from Doddridge County. Her father was Phillip Cortlan(d) Dennison and his death certificate says he was a carpenter. Her ancestors had been in Harrison County in the mid 1700s. They were also pioneers, Indian fighters and Confederate soldiers.

by Loretta (Morrison) Roehrs

I Remember Grandpa.
1. He was known as A. B.
2. His hair was thick and the prettiest white- not gray, but a pretty white.
3. He always had beautiful flowers and garden. He truly had a green thumb! He raised chickens.
4. He was a hard worker.
5. He worked for the Emp. City Bus Lines Co. in Clarksburg.
6. He chewed tobacco and rubbed snuff.
7. He was loveable.
8. He smiled with a twinkle in his eye.
9. I never heard him cuss.
10. When I was a little girl, he took me out to his shed and pulled my loose tooth with his pliers.
I Remember Grandma
1. She was known as Trudy.
2. She was a very hard worker.
3. She canned from the garden.
4. She was very stern. When she said something, she meant it.
5. She was a great cook. We would visit on weekends, and Sunday
morning, my sisters and I would walk to the church and on the way home, by the time we got to the driveway, we could smell chicken and hear the pressure cooker. (This was at Deanville, WV.)
6. She had a hearty laugh. When she laughed, she would shake all over.
7. She would say "oh shaw" instead of your kidding ect.
8. She rubbed snuff.
9. She was very loveable.
10. I never heard her cuss.

left: Alva as a young man,
center: Alva's father John Jackson Blake with granddaughter Estella Blake, holding the doll baby.
The two girls kissing? One is his daughter Mildred, and that's all we know.
right: Alva's brother Vincent and Vincent's wife Clara

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