Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Feed Sack Fabric

When grandma judged me responsible enough to get the fabric pattern she needed and strong enough to carry the sack, she began sending me to pick up chicken feed for her at the Browns' warehouse. She would show me the fabric pattern she needed to finish her currect project and tell me to be sure to a sack with that pattern. (The Browns' general store was very small, so big things, like watermelons and sack of feed, were kept across the road in the post office/warehouse.)

This first entry on feed sacks shows how much I don't remember.
~ I know it was chicken feed, but I don't know what size bag. It couldn't have been 50 lbs; Grandma would have never sent a girl for that.
~ What were the dimentions of the opened feed sack?
~I remember there was a fixed formula. It was something like
? two sacks made a skirt.
? one for a sleeveles blouse.
? another for short sleeves?
? one sack for a skirt-only apron
? two sacks for a bib apron.
? back of a quilt took how many sacks?
See also the Feb 16 entry about Quilts.

I hope a cousin who remembers will let me know so we can fill in the blanks.

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