Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Skinner/Posey Mystery Continues to Fascinate

Well, it continues to fascinate me! How did the Skinners/Poseys get to Oil Creek? Were they the first settlers?

Edward Posey and Catherine (Scott) Skinner were married in November, 1807. A website, The Early History of Braxton County1, suggests that about that time they moved to Bulltown. "Bulltown" was the name of the census district that included Oil Creek as well as many other communities.

I've included the synopsis of Braxton County's settlement that comes before Edward Posey's mention to provide more context for the Ed Posey info.

"The first to find a home in the present limits of Braxton County were two brothers - Jeremiah and Benjamin Carpenter and their wives. They settled on the Elk River, about one mile above the mouth of Holly River, in the year 1784 They were attacked by savages and Benjamin and his wife fell victims.

"Jeremiah and his wife escaped and took refuge about three miles away in a cave. Here they lived three months. Mrs. Carpenter gave birth to a son (Soloman), the first white child born with-in the limits of what became Braxton County.

"David O’Brian, came to the spot where Sutton now stands in the year 1795. He took residence in a large sycamore tree, which stood near a suspension bridge. He was joined by Robert Givens a year later.

"In 1798 Nicholas Gibson, 1800 Benjamin Conrad, John Conrad, Daniel Conrad, Thomas Murphy, in the years to follow: Col. John Hayman, Asa Squires, Elijah Squires, Andres Friend, Thomas Frame, Edward Posey, John F. Singleton, George F. Gerwig, William McCoy, John M. Brown, George W. Greene, Andrew Skidmore. Col. John Hayman, settled in what is now known as Bulltown. So called on fact it was occupied for many years by friendly Indians whose chief was known as Captain Bull."

Further on this source says:
"The first settlers in the Salt Lick District known as “Flatwoods” were Peter Shields, Asa Squires, in 1807. Soon after joined by P.B. Burns, John Hayman, Issac Riffle. Christian Heater, William McCoy, and John F. Singleton."


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