Sunday, April 09, 2006

Oil Creek Christmas 1938

I don't know why my mother pulled out her autograph book on Christmas Day, 1938. All other entries in her book are from her school friends, during the school year. Whatever the reality, these sweet entries make me imagine a magical day. Sister Jane was 10 years old. I don't yet know who Rolfe or Viola Weekley were. (For more autograph book entries, see "Till the Ocean Wears Rubber Pants", April 1, '06.)

Orlando, W. Va.
Dear Mary,
The snow has been falling for Christmas. The hills are white. The house top and trees are white. School is out for one weekand I am glad of it. We had a program at school & Sando Clase & his wife was at school Fri.
Your sis
Jane Stutler

Orlando W. Va.
Dec. 25 1938
Dear Mary.
Well Christmas always comes and go but I don't always get to be with you on this day- and evening. Hope to be with you many more Christmases, for it doesn't seem right unless I am around here.
Always your friend,

The snow is falling sleepily
Upon the sleepy town.
The little flakes, like jeweled stars
Are softly drifting down.
They fall upon the little church,
Theyfall upon the square;
They drift upon the leafless trees
Like blossoms pale and fair.
Viola Weekly.

The photo above is of Santa in Orlando 12 years later. He was the scariest guy I ever saw.

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