Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ollie and Nathan Parmer

David Parmer sends this photo with the following information:

Ollie (Olive) Skinner (b. 1873) was the daughter of Luther (Alexander & Phoebe (Conrad) Skinner's son) and Miriam (Walton) Skinner (Samuel & Nancy (Hannah) Walton's youngest daughter). Both of the parents died when Ollie was quite young, Miriam died, I believe, when Ollie was two years of age. [Miriam died in Feb 1875, age 38-40, Luther died in Oct 1875, age 42.]

"Ollie was raised by her aunt Anne, the spinster daughter of Alexander and Phebe Skinner. Anne also lived with her parents, Alexander and Phebe. Ollie married Nathan Parmer (b. 1871). They had four children, Dee Gilford, Stella, Maysell and Marie.

To left is a photo of Nathan's mother,
Ingabo Janine Parmer

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Two of Ollie's cousins are featured in other entries. Her mother was Miriam Walton.
1. George Darcy Walton, from the July 30, '06 entry A Grandson of Samuel & Nancy (Hanna) Walton was the son of Miriam's brother James McClung and Evaline (Brown) Walton.
2. William Otto Skinner from the July 11, '06 entry William Otto & Clara Onetta Skinner was the son of Miriam's sister, Martha Walton.

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