Friday, October 06, 2006

The Bear Trainer

Thanks to David Parmer for preserving, distributing and curating this photo.

One day, around 1915, the bear trainer with his two great bears came walking into Orlando along the B & O tracks thate ran beside Oil Creek, on hhis way to Charleston. It must have been quite a spectacle with the neighborhood dogs, fine hunting dogs that the were, barking and worrying the bears and the bear trainer fending them off with his trainer's stick. The trainer had a heavy Eastern European accent and the bears did tricks. We don't know how long they stayed in Orlando but we can see they they certainly drew a crowd. Lee Morrison, Orlando's professional photographer, took the photo.

Dick Skinner's Wagon Restaurant is in the background. (This photo explains why it was called the Wagon.)

On porch, l-r, Bill Foster, Nathan Parmer, George Ed Bennett

From far lt, Tom Scarff, Lloyd Skinner, a salesman or "drummer" whose name is unknown, Lawrence Dyer, the next young man is unknown, the bear trainer whose name is unknown, Mike Thomas, Coy "Frank" Henline, Charlie Skinner, Erse "Pid" Henline, E. R. "Heater" Henline.

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