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Clover Fork Cemetery

The following on Clover Fork Cemetery comes from a web page belonging to Don Riffle of West Milford, WV.

"Cemetery is located just on the Lewis County side of the creek. A couple of stones in this cemetery were unreadable and many graves did not have stones. Due to carelessness, some stones have been moved over the years and replaced as near as possible. A lady living nearby is said to oversee the cemetery. She is said to have a cemetery plat.

Tombstone Readings

Jefferson Riffle
Died April 1, 1898
Aged 87 y 9 m 23 d
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
(Jefferson Conrad Riffle Son of Francis Riffle and Elizabeth Conrad, per Darrell Groves)

Elizabeth Ripple
Died Sept 1 1892Aged 60 yrs(.......)
Saints with Christ in Heaven.
Elizabeth "Eliza" (Heater) Riffle, Jefferson's wife and daughter of William L. Heater and Mary Cogar, per Darrell Groves.)

N.B. Foster
Mar 3, 1831 Sep 23, 1915
(Nimrod Brandon Foster, son of Thomas Foster and Elizabeth Browing, 3rd husband of Amanda "Mandy" Riffle, per Darrell Groves.)

Wife of N.B. Foster
1846 - 1919A
Tender Mother and a Faithful Friend
(Amanda "Mandy" Riffle. Daughter of Jefferson and Elizabeth Heater Riffle.
Wife of Samuel Sands, Selden Harness Groves and Nimrod Brandon Foster. Nimrod and Amanda had 26 children in their combined families, per Darrell Groves.)

Nimrod Lee Foster
Born Feb 29, 1868Died Mar 5, 1893
(this stone is beside N.B.Foster)
(Nimrod Sr.'s son with 1st wife Mary Elizabeth Dawson per Darrell Groves.)

A different Nimrod Foster and Family follows
Nimrod Foster
son of J.S. & Lousia Foster
Jan 30 1884
Jan 9 1909
(Nimrod J. Foster the son of John Stephen Foster and Louisa Riffle, Grandson of Nimrod Brandon Foster and Mary Elizabeth Dawson...and Jefferson Conrad Riffle and Wife Elizabeth Heater, per Darrell Groves.)

John S. Foster
Born Aug 13, 1861
Died Oct 3, 1898
John Stephen Foster, son of Nimrod Brandon Foster and Mary Elizabeth Dawson, per Darrell Groves.)

Louisa Foster
Wife of John Foster
Aug 16, 1861Nov 27, 1910
Louisa Riffle- Daughter of Jefferson and Elizabeth Heater Riffle, per Darrell Groves).

Clell V.
son of J.S. and L.F. Foster
Died Jul 27, 1895
Aged 4y 6m 2d
(Cell Vaden Foster, son of John Stephen Foster and Louisa Riffle, per Darrell Groves.)

Icy C
daughter of J.S. & L.F. Foster
Born Nov 26, 1888Died March 11, 1895
Icy Colista Foster, daughter of John Stephen Foster and Louisa Riffle, per Darrell Groves.

Elsewhere in cemetery are theses stones.
Hattie A Foster
Born June 30 1908
Died Feb 15, 1913

Francis J. Foster
1864 - 1934
(Francis Julian Foster, son of Nimrod Brandon Foster and Mary Elizabeth Dawson, per Darrell Groves.)

Marsha G.
1867 - (no death date given)
(Marsha Columbia Groves, wife of Francis Julian Foster, daughter of Amanda Riffle-Sands-Groves-Foster and Selden Harness Groves. Born Oct 24, 1868, died Sep 01, 1961, per Darrell Groves.)

Homer G. Foster
1887 - 1966
by his wife Rosella Foster
(Homer Granville Foster, son of Nimrod Brandon Foster and Amanda Rif.fle-Sands-Groves-Foster. "by his wife Rosella Foster" puzzles me, his wife was Ocie Bennett, per Darrell Groves.)

Fletcher Blane Foster
Aug 29, 1926 Jan 5, 1927
(was Homer Granville Foster and Ocie Bennett's son, per Darrell Groves).

Walter C. Foster
Mar 31, 1905Jan 5, 1974
Walter Clarence Foster, son of Marsha Columbia Groves andFrancis Julian Foster. He was maried to Pauline Julia Gay.

Charles J. Foster
Dec 24, 1926Dec 23, 1963
WV PFC HQ Co 18 Infantry WWII

The following is not a stone (yet). It is me.
Don Riffle
West Milford, WV

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  1. Nimrod Branham Foster (middle name also spelled "Brannon", "Brannan", and "Brandon") was the son of Thomas Foster and Helena Humphrey. He appears in the 1850 Census for Louisa County in that household.

    Thomas Foster who married Elizabeth Browning was a cousin of Thomas Foster who married Helena Humphrey. Elizabeth Browning Foster moved to Lewis/Upshur after her Thomas died in Albemarle in 1845. Nimrod's father, Thomas, died in Louisa County in 1852-1853.

    Nimrod B. Foster's brother, Thomas Franklin Foster (1830-1904), was my great great great grandfather.