Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Frank and Lena Lake Moved to Orlando

Photo to the right is Franklin Orlando and Lena Gaye (Potters) Lake with older daughters Ellen Vienna (Peggy), born in 1915 and Genevieve (Jim) born about 1917. Youngest daughter, Mary Lucille (Lucille) would be born in 1925.

Frank and Lena (Potters) Lake, from the Falls Mills area, moved to Oil Creek after their marriage in 1913.

When Frank Lake registered for the draft in 1917 there was no mention of sight problems but by the time this photo was made, 1920, maybe, Frank was blind.

Dave Hyre never met his grandfather but his mom told stories about her dad. "He was blind and crawled on his hands and knees to attend to the gardens. He would feel his way along to raise food for the family.

"Mom told me that grandpa Frank hired regular local labor to help run the farm and that they had "large" corn fields. I guess that is a relative term "Large", could mean 1/2 acre or 20 acres, who knows, but it fed their hogs. Mom always told me it was subsistence, just getting by, nothing for extras. As a teen, Mom worked as household help nearby. She told me how it was hard work, and how she would be scolded for trivial mistakes."

Frank Lake died from a stroke in 1943 at the age of 50. Lena re-married to Frank Fisher. He was a farmer, grew corn and potatoes, had chickens and cows. Frank Fisher died after 1950.

Dave Hyre remembers that "Grandmother Lena grew Blue Morning Glorys on the back porch to remember Frank Lake. I grow them still today here in Massachusetts for my grandpa Frank. It is something that I have passed down to my own grandaughter!! My Mom always spoke lovingly of her dad, Frank Lake, and she passed down his legacy by giving me the middle name "Frank", I carried on that legacy by giving my youngest son the middle name "Frank". Hopefully, there is another "Frank" in line soon!"

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