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To the left is the behind the scene side of the Post Office boxes in the warehouse, the side that the Postmaster saw.

David Parmer provides the following information.

The Orlando Post Office was originally established under the name of Confluence in 1888 in Braxton County. The name of the post office was changed from Confluence to Orlando in 1907. The Orlando Post Office was changed to Lewis County in 1890, back to Braxton County in 1893, and then back to Lewis County in 1896 and has remained in Lewis County since 1896.

The postmasters, acting postmasters, or officers in charge of the Orlando post office have been:
John A. Tierney 1888
Henderson D. Mitchell 1888
Michael Rush 1893
Francis M. Blake 1897
Michael E. Griffin 1915
Michael V. Moran 1918
Clarence E. Scarff 1926
Claud M. Mick 1927
Pete H. Henline 1947
Bernice M. Mick 1974
Elsie B. Kirkpatrick 1974
Arnold Heater
Sara Jane Dyer Watson 1987
Randy R. Miller 1999
Shirley D. Hamrick 2000
Diane K. Reynolds
Donna J. Wine 2004
Sarah Smarr 2005
Donna J. Keener 2006

To the right are some of the postmasters (top to bottom): Mike Moran, Claud Mick, Bernice (Skinner) Mick and Pete Henline. Their ages in the photos are not related to the ages at which they served as Postmasters.

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