Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Trouble At Uncle Zeek's House

The typewritten page to the right is from Patrick Newton "Uncle Zeek" Blake's files. It tells of some mighty strange goings on at Uncle Zeek's place. Click on it to enlarge it for reading.

This page was given to David Parmer by the author's granddaughter. She found it among his papers. She had little knowledge about her grandfather to share except a few photographs, and the "poem", as she put it. Photo to the left is, of course, P.N. Blake, "Zeek".

David Parmer tells us that P.N. Blake "was far more than just a humorous story teller. His stories, with the background and knowledge within them, indicate that he was a reader and a thinker, and indicate a man of innate intelligence. In the 1920s he made an unsuccessful run for the West Virginia Legislature, which in addition to a lot of gumption and self confidence, would have required communication skills, and indeed far greater than you would expect of a railroad worker of the early 20th century. He was an exceptional man, and given different circumstances in life, could have been a man of note."

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