Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Town of Blake on Clover Fork

Several communities have formed in the region drained by Oil Creek and its tributaries. Orlando is the largest. Blake was the next largest1. During the early 20th century it swelled dramatically to accomodate the railway workers. It remains a surprisingly closeknit community.

The town of Blake was located several miles east of Orlando on Clover Fork. According to David L. Blake2 Clover Fork used to be Blake Fork and in the early 1900s, and the town boasted a post office, general store, and a population of about 40 people. It was located on both sides of the railroad track.

We know that in addition to the post office and general store the community has had
the Mitchell / Clover Fork Cemetery3
Clover Fork Methodist Church
Clover Fork Elementary School

We await additional info and photos from Clover Fork folks.

1. There are several more communities. Posey Run is one of these and it has been immortalized by Uncle Zeke as his beloved Buzzardtown.

2. David L. Blake "Blake and Riffle Reunion" on pg 60 of Lewis County West Virginia, Her People and Places, edited by Joy Gilchrest-Stalnacker, in 2000.

3. For more information on the Cemetery near the town of Blake, see see the entry dated Dec 14 '06 Clover Fork Cemetery

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