Monday, February 05, 2007

Orlando in 1905

This is Orlando about 1905,1 from the hill south of town where Lee Morrison built his home. The landmark white warehouse had not been built yet. The white house in the center right is the Dolan home, before the hotel addition was added. The white two-storey building facing the camera in the center was a hotel, restaurant and meeting hall over the years. The dark cube-shaped building in the center right would become Charley Knight's store. It sat about where the Post Office is today. The B&O track to Weston shown in this picture running between the Dolan House and Charley Knight's store was taken out and became the road today called Cemetery Street.

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Below is Orlando ten years latter.

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1. Notice the railroad ballast on the Coal and Coke line is fresh and clean. Obviously in the days of steam locomotives the photo must have been taken soon after the line was completed. My guess is 1905 for the date of the photo. -David Parmer.

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