Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bill Barnett: A Proud Papa

A valuable source for the older history of Orlando is Dale Barnett of Parkersburg, West Virginia. Dale grew up in Orlando during the late 1920s, 1930s, and the early part of the 1940s until he, while still in high school, joined the military during World War II.

Dale is the son of Bill Barnett, the subject of several biographical sketches on this website, and his wife, Marie (Parmer) Barnett. After being discharged from the military when World War II was over, Dale went back to high school at Burnsville and finished his high school education. After finishing high school, Dale went on to Salem College and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree. Dale made teaching his career and taught until his retirement in the Parkersburg schools.

To the left, Bill and Marie (Parmer) Barnett.

To the right, with the aid of his dog, Jack, young Dale takes responsibility as older brother to his infant sister Betty.
To the left, below, is Dale in his college years

Uncle Zeke had his eyes on Dale from the time he was born, and noted in his September 11, 1924 Buzzardtown News column, the happy event of his birth:

“On Saturday night of last week, a baby was born to Billy Barnett and wife of Orlando. It being their first born they feel very proud. Billy says he feels bigger than Billy Sunday, Billy Bryan, Billy Goat or any other Billy. Billy feels so big he can’t get clothes big enough to wear. It took seven coffee sacks to make him a pair of socks. Billy, who has a voice as melodious as a shite poke, now sits and sings, ‘By O Baby,’ all day long.”

Uncle Zeke also noted about a month after the birth of Bill and Marie Barnett’s son, that Bill says he “thinks his son is a contortionist because he can now fall out of bed without being killed.”

Thanks to Uncle Zeke for reporting on the proud papa and his son.

Many entries in this 'blog have been enriched with Dale Barnett's offerings. for one, see the Mar '07 entry, Orlando Characters
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