Monday, April 30, 2007

The Posey Run School

by David Parmer

In his news column of January 30, 1936 Uncle Zeke informed his readers that when a blackboard at the Posey Run School was removed for repairs, behind the removed blackboard were names which had been written by former students twenty five years previously. (Doing the math, that's about 1911.) Those names were Dosha Posey, Ethel McCord, Opal Skinner, Nellie Conley, Ray Blake, Clifford Heater, Patrick Posey, Rupert Skinner, Vada Posey, Bessie Fox, Pete Blake, Carrie Blake, Josie Riffle, and Pat Conley.
Below are some of the kids who signed their names behind the blackboard ca. 1911: Josie (Riffle) Beckner, Clifford Heater, Carrie (Blake) Sharp, Pete Blake and Bessie (Fox) Riffle.

The year before the blackboard was removed he penned this ode to the Posey Run PTA

A PTA Meeting
At Posey Run In 1935

by Uncle Zeke

The president read and then he prayed.

Then the Henline brothers some music played.

Then some scholars from first to seventh grade,

All got up and PTA’d.

The teacher then a paper read.

And then some things he wisely said.

The very next thing I learned,

The PTA had adjourned.

Numerous entries include comments by the ever-observant "Uncle Zeke" Read about newspaper columnist and B & O Trackman P.N. Blake of Posey Run in the Oct '06 entry Uncle Zeke From Buzzard Town and Dec '06 entry Trouble At Uncle Zeek's House.

Teachers at Posey Run 1921-1936

1921-22 Lafayette Mick
1922-23 Ina Taylor
1923-24 Laura McCoy
1924-25 Laura McCoy
1925-26 Laura McCoy
1926-27 Laura McCoy
1927-28 Laura McCoy
1928-29 E. J. Cox
1929-30 Blanche McConkey
1930-31 Eula Mick
1931-32 Lucy Berry
1932-33 Beulah McPherson
1933-34 W. W. Kelly
1934-35 W. W. Kelly
1935-36 Dudley Goodrich
1936-37 Harry Wiant
1937-38 Dixie Hyre
1938-39 Roy Smith
1939-40 Roy Smith This was the last year of school. Final enrollment: 25.

More information, photos, stories about Posey Run School
would be most welcome!

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