Friday, May 11, 2007

Funny Things To See

from David Parmer

Funny Things To See,
According to the Gospel of Uncle Zeke

Doyle Skinner
trying to shave with a razor back hog.
George Riffle milking his cow with a clothes wringer.
Mrs. P. N. Blake baptizing setting hens in a washtub of water.
Mulligan Riffle trying to look pleasant.
Wilda Godfrey trying to hustle.
But of all things that's really funny
Is Reuben Blake eatin’ honey.
Numerous entries include comments by the ever-observant "Uncle Zeke." Read about the newspaper columnist and B & O Trackman P.N. Blake of Posey Run in the Oct '06 entry Uncle Zeke From Buzzard Town and the Dec '06 entry Trouble At Uncle Zeek's House.

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