Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hard Times Beset Uncle Zeke: A True Joke

Uncle Zeke, (PN Blake) wrote this for his column in the Braxton Democrat dated
July 9, 1931.
My shoes are minus a pair of soles,
My shirt and britches are full of holes,
My old straw hat is gone to seed
So Uncle Zeke is in great need.

My pocketbook is rather lank,
And not a dollar in the bank,
So what the devil I’m to do
Is more than I can tell you.

A neighbor gave me a mess of peas,
For a while my stomach was at ease,
But now ten pounds of Webster ramps,
Would never ease my hunger cramps.

I never was in such a mood,
No clothes, no “mon”, no extra food,
And should I live before I die
Just stuff me full of cake and pie.

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