Thursday, June 12, 2008

Remembering Grandpa Godfrey on Father's Day

by Pat Reckart
Here are some stories about me and Grandpa. Sometimes people thought he was a little grouchy but he really had a tender side. Even though he chewed Mail Pouch tobacco, he always had a pack of gum in his shirt pocket and I got the belly ache he would give me a stick of Teaberry gum, and you can bet your bottom dollar, I got a lot of belly aches.
lt. Patsy (Morrison) Reckart
rt. her grandpa Tom Godfrey

Sometimes he smoked a pipe and if me or my brother would get the ear ache he would blow smoke in our ears.

Grandpa was known in Orlando as the wart man. If any one had a wart or warts they would come to him ‘cause he knew how to get rid of them. He would buy them for a penny, and I guess it worked. Then he would tell them if they hadn't peed in the road they wouldn't have warts.

The Chickens vs. Dr. Christian
Grandpa always like to go to bed with the chickens (meaning just as soon as it got dark, he said it was time to go to bed) and he would get up with the chickens (meaning just as soon as it was daylight.) He expected Grandma to have his breakfast on the table when he got up. Breakfast would be hot applesauce with butter and hot biscuits and lots of hot coffee. I remember one night we all even Grandma wanted to listen to the radio our favorite stories were on, I think it was Dr. Christian and Fibber McGee and Molly. Well, the radio was in the front room (meaning the living room) and that was the room that he slept in. We were having so much fun listening to the radio and eating popcorn, but he kept telling us to go to bed, that he needed his sleep. But we paid him no mind. Well, he got aggravated with us so he got his blanked and pillow and went in the kitchen and laid on the floor. We felt sorry for him so we all went to bed. Thinking back I don't know why we just didn't take the radio in our bedroom. (I'll do a story soon telling you about our house. It only had three rooms with a little side room where the well was, and where the washing was done.) (I also have a story about wash day.) The radio played by battery and it was not like the batteries we have today it was almost as big as a shoe box. We had never heard of television. We didn't even have electricity. Goodnight Grandpa.
lt: grandma Bridgett Godfrey

"Bridgette, It's Starting To Rain."
This is the story I like the best. Every time I think about it I have to laugh. Sorry Grandpa. It was Sunday afternoon and I was getting ready to do the dishes. Grandma had laid down for a nap and after dinner Grandpa like to go outside and lean his chair back against the house and smoke his pipe, thinking maybe someone would stop by for a visit. Before I could do the dishes I had to get water from the well in the little side room. (They always called the room the old kitchen.) After I filled the teakettle and put it on the stove to heat and while it was heating I started to clean up the kitchen, It was pretty hot in the kitchen since Grandma had the oven on baking biscuits. It was so hot I raised the window and put a screen in it. I was really in a hurry ‘cause I knew as soon as the kitchen was cleaned, I could go outside to play.

There was a certain way I was to the dishes. The glasses always came first. As I was gathering them up I saw one of them still had water in it, so I just tossed the water out the window. (Thank goodness it wasn't Kool-Aid,) Gosh I didn't know that was the side of the house that Grandpa was sitting. In a little bit I heard the screen door open and close. Then I heard Grandpa say, “Bridgette, I think it's starting to rain.” Well, I almost peed my pants laughing and I thought, “oh God, please don't come in the kitchen- sorry Grandpa.” I don't think he ever did know that I threw water out the window. That was so many years ago and it still makes me laugh when I think about it.

Oh I have so many more memories of my beloved Grandpa and growing up in Orlando and I promise to do some at a later time. I just wanted to remember him this Father's Day. So Grandpa, if you are looking down on me, I just want to let you know that you will always be in my heart and I will always treasure the times we spent together.
I Love You Grandpa.
Grandpa passed away Nov. 15th 1950. He and my Grandma Bridgette were married 59 years.

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