Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Final Trip of Brooks Skinner

by David Parmer

Sadness reflects in the eyes of death
And speaks to him that does not hear;
For life has left his innocent frame
And seeks the guide awaiting near.
Can those who grieve, speak for him
And help him on his way?

Oris Brooks Skinner was born in the wintry January of 1903, the son of Robert Skinner and Permelia (Godfrey) Skinner. The second youngest of his siblings, “Brooks”, as he was known, was a delight to his family and all who knew him. The genuine sadness in the eyes of his mourners attest to the gravity of their loss. The few years allotted to him were spent on Rag Run on the farm of his parents. In early 1917 he suffered an infection in his leg as the result of a cut. His concerned parents took him to Baltimore for treatment but the infection could not be reversed and proved fatal. He died in January 1917 at the young and innocent age of fourteen.

The mourners at his casket from the left are his father Robert L. Skinner, the son of Perry Scott Skinner and Emily Jane (Posey) Skinner; Worthy “Tank” Skinner, the younger brother of Brooks; Permelia (Godfrey) Skinner, daughter of D. N. Godfrey and Mary Jane (Skinner) Godfrey, mother of the deceased; Vaden Skinner, brother; Ozzie Fox, son of Charles W. Fox and Permelia Godfrey, half brother of Brooks; Arthur Condy “Jack” Fox, brother of Ozzie and half brother of Brooks; Etta Brown, future wife of "Jack" Fox; Delmer Skinner, brother; Biddie Skinner (Stewart), sister; Ernie Skinner, brother; and Mary Stutler (Moran), daughter of Ovie "O,M." Stutler, friend of the family.
Brooks was buried in the Orlando Cemetery.

Left and right: Detail from the funeral photo: Brooke and his mother.

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