Saturday, September 05, 2009

Who Are These Boys from Orlando?

.by David Parmer
Who Are These Boys from Orlando?
Who took the eggs from Henline’s henhouse?
And upset Dave Bennett’s outhouse?
Who pushed over A. Skinner’s tombstone?
And dressed Beckner’s door with Indian bones?
Who swiped John Blake’s nice woven baskets?
And on Halloween made the devil’s racket?
Who set fire to Zach Scarff’s largest haystack?
And painted Mike Moran’s collie’s back?
Who killed the fish with a bomb made of carbide?
And took Alva Barnett’s horse on a scary nighttime ride?
Who are these nameless boys from Orlando?
And about this mischief, what do they know?

Top, a photo of unknown children in the Scarff family collection. Immediately above: detail from that photo

These rascally-looking boys from Orlando are unknown and may have been the nicest boys in town. However, their ‘Huck Finn’ appearance inspired all sorts of poetic mischief which is all fiction and not at all attributed to these nameless barefoot boys from Orlando.

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