Sunday, July 30, 2006

Samuel & Nancy Walton's Grandson With Wife & White Mouse

Nancy Powers Bauman shares these photos of her ggrandparents and their white mouse: George, mouse, (on his left shoulder) and Caroline (Mealy) Walton at their home, probaby in Kanawha. George Walton's grandparents were one of the first Orlando settlers, Samuel & Nancy (Hanna) Walton.

By 1850 Samuel and Nancy (Hanna) Walton were living in the area that would become Orlando with three of their (probably) six children still at home.

One of the older children, James McClung Walton, married Evaline Brown. George Darley Walton (b. 1841) is their son. Caroline's family settled near Salt Lick.

Two of George Darcy's cousins:
Olive Skinner from the July 12, '06 entry Nathan & Ollie (Skinner) Parmer. Ollie Skinner was George Darley's cousin. Her mother, Miriam Walton, and his father, James McClung Walton, were siblings.
William Otto Skinner from the July 11, '06 entry William Otto & Clara Onetta Skinner. William Otto's mother was sibling Martha Walton.

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