Monday, July 24, 2006

Up the Lady's Leg

In the 1950s the Methodist Church's Ladies' Aid Society always had a meeting during the two weeks in August that we visited Orlando. My grandmother, Edith (Skinner) Stutler, was a committed member. My mother would go to the meeting with her, and they usually took me with them. We went "up to the Ladies' Aid." My father, Carl Witzgall, would give Grandma a hard time talking about going "up the lady's leg." Grandma just ignored him.

I was a kid. I have no idea who the other members were or what they did, besides have a business meeting and then a luncheon. Too bad. Even in my youthful oblivion I could tell that this was a long standing, committed group of women.

Photo is of my grandmother, Edith (Skinner) Stutler.

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  1. Jackie has just forwarded your info on to me and I found it very interesting about the Ladies' Aid Society meetings. I think that they were alway held in our home since my mother taught school, and the only time of the year that she could have the meeting was in the summer. It was more than just coffee and cake. It was more like a meal with sandwiches and all kind of good things to eat. I'm Glenn and Virginia Skinner's daughter, Peggy. I found this other web site at Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: Genealogy Report: Descendants of Alexander Skinner from a distance relative in Ohio, Ronald Skinner. I traced our roots to my grandparents and your great grandparents, Gidion Columbus Skinner and Sarah Ester Bennett. Gidion parents were Jackson Skinner and Patience Duvall. It blew my mind when I read that because I now live in Jacksonville, FL in the county of Duval. I have my great grandmother's meat platter and I ended up with it because I was the only one that lives in Duval county. My mother gave it to me.

    Peggy Skinner Morris