Wednesday, August 09, 2006

When the Burnsville Bruins Roared

During the late 1930s and the early '40s Burnsville High School had a remarkable football team. Several Orlando boys are in this 1939 photo of the Burnsville Bruins.

Peggy (Skinner) Morris recognizes brothers Jack (middle row, 1st on the left) and Arnold Heater (top row, 4th from the left) and Fred Kuhn (bottom row, first on the left).

David Parmer recognizes one of Ruddle Posey's1 grandsons, Leonard Lindsay who was a talented running back who, with his brothers Donnie and Paul "Chub", was a star player who helped to make the Burnsville Bruins roar.

Front row, seated, (L to R) Fred Kuhn, Harold (Red) Singleton, Louis Caplinger, Andy Knight, Jim Marple, Joe McPherson, Closs Stalnaker.
Second row, kneeling, (L to R)
Jack Heater, Leonard Lindsay, Harold Barnett, Charles (Junior) Crutchfield, Paul (Chub) Lindsay, Grant Mick, Roy Godfrey.
Third row,
standing, (L to R) Coach Rich McKinney, Sammy Conley, Lawrence Brown, Arnold Heater, George Collins, Lawrence Whytsell, Ed Blake, Ray Crutchfield, Charles Rucks, John Chester Brown, “Peck” Mick, Manager Jerry Heater

Thanks to Charles McNemar for sharing this photo.

1. Ruddle and Mary (Murphy) Posey lived on Posey Run. See 31 Oct '06 Getting Together at Cousin Ruddle's Place on Posey Run


  1. In the Burnsville football team picture there is another cousin, Jack Heater, Arnold's brother. Also, Fred Kuhn is married to another cousin, Bonnie Mick. Peggy Skinner Morris

  2. Charles "Junior" Crutchfield (1922 - 2012) wrote a story about this team that appeared in the Braxton County newspaper about 3 years ago. As the story goes, smoke was seen coming from his home, which was visible from the football field, as the team practiced. In a panic, Junior ran through the creek - not to waste time getting to the footbridge - straight to his home on the hill. When he made it to dry land, he turned around to see his entire team following him through the creek, pads and all. His soaken wet teammates climbed on to the roof of his home and put out the small fire, likely saving the home. This home still belongs to my family, and we have this Burnsville High football team to thank for it!