Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Beham Henline's Funeral

Beham Henline (1851-1912) and his wife Samantha (Skinner) lived just west of downtown Orlando, on Oil Creek across from where the parish of St. Michael built the brick church.

From David Parmer:
. . . a photo of the funeral services of Beham Henline at his residence in Orlando. Beham died in 1912. I am sorry I can't identify many of the people in the photo because my best sources died before I had an opportunity to ask them about the photo. I do however recognize some of the people in the photo. Beham's brothers, McClellan Henline and John Henline are to the right of the preacher holding the Bible. I am certain that another brother whose name I don't know is also just to the immediate right of the preacher. John Henline is the third person to the right of the preacher and his brother McClellan (Mack) is the fourth person to the right of the preacher. Mike Thomas, son in law of Beham is the fifth person to the right of the preacher. Minnie Riffle Henline, wife of V. C. Henline, son of Beham, is the lady sitting behind the young lady sitting on the first chair on the left of the photo. Tom Godfrey is one of the men sitting on the right side of the photo in front of the house."

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  1. Beham was my Grandmother's Grandfather! I am very excited to find this picture and story!

    If anyone has any more info or pics please write me at


  2. My Grandmother ("Mammaw") was Sophia Godfrey Jarvis, his granddaughter by his daughter Estella Pricilla "Estie." Mammaw told me he was a very nice Grandad, and she thought she killed him, accidently. She was 11 years old. He was having chest pains and asked her to bring him a glass of aspirin and baking soda in water. He drank it and became much worse off. The doctor said drinking that was about the worst thing he could have done, because it creates a poison around your heart. According to her his last words (at least that she knew of) were 'Bless your little heart, Sophie, you didn't know.'

  3. Lori, This is Steve(Brother)

    Baking Soda and Aspirin is basically Alka Seltzer without the fiz. I take Baking Soda for indegestion all the time, the recipe in on the box.
    Heartburn and/or indigestion is a heart attack symptom. It's highly likely that he was having a heart attack. Contrary to poison, this did no harm, and the aspirin probably helped him by thinning the blood, it may have actually extended his life by a few hours.

  4. Well that's what they thought back in 1912.