Saturday, November 18, 2006

Railroad Tragedies

Photo & story from David Parmer
"Working for the railroad was not an easy job and certainly not for the fainthearted. The trackmen worked in the weather, rain or boiling sun, and the men had to be a hearty breed. The men worked with sledge hammers, rails, ties, ballast stone and spikes, and there were many mashed fingers, bruised ribs, and aching backs, as well as the tragic deaths.

"In 1947 Warren McCauley was killed in a motorcar (or maybe a handcar) accident on the B&O Railroad on Clover Fork. The track crew was working up Clover Fork. Three of the men riding the motor car were Warren McCauley, Heater Henline and Newt Henline. For some reason the car jumped the track. Heater Henline and Newt Henline were thrown clear. Warren McCauley however suffered a crushing of the chest and abdomen. He was taken to hospital where he died of his injuries.

"I am not sure if there were other men on the car or not when it jumped the track. There was an investigation of the accident by the railroad which resulted in a one year suspension of Newt Henline who apparently was either in charge of the car or driving the car."

The photo of is of Warren and his wife Iva Alice (Riffle) with their children, ranked by age, Maynard, Marvin, Deltha, Peggy, Rosalie, and Donna.

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  1. Wish this picture was clear. Maynard is my dad. miss him so much.