Monday, November 20, 2006

Our Grandmas in Drag!

A couple zany photos tell us something about what the girls did when our boys went "Over There." We've heard that for a campaign to sell war bonds the ladies dressed like men.

The photo to the left shows Edith (Skinner) Stutler and an unidentified friend (undoubtedly a cousin) set up for business. Edith married Oras Stutler the same year he headed for the battlefields of France.

The photo below shows four Henline women Laura Copeland, Opal Jeffries, Lula Henline and Margaret (Henline) Nixon. Notice that Margaret is in uniform. Laura was later Mrs. Doc Henline, Opal became Mrs. Charles McCrobie, Lula was the bride of Homer Mitchell, and Margaret the wife of Ed Nixon.
See Nov. 16 '06 When Orlando Boys Went "Over There"

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