Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Buzzardtown Census

A Census in Rhyme
by Uncle Zeke from Buzzardtown

Uncle Zeke1 seems to be taking an artist's perspective as he surveys his community in this poem. How does this census of "Buzzardtown" compare with the 1930 Federal census for Posey Run, Road Run and Oil Creek? Check it out for yourself. Click on the census icons to the right to enlarge each page. Clue: You'll find Arch McHenry on the last of the three pages on the right and Uncle Zeke, aka Patrick N. Blake, on the top of the three pages. It's interesting to see where he sees his community starting and ending, which households he seems to be overlooking.

Arch McHenry, first at the head of the run,
Tom Conley, next, full of fun,
Pete Conley, next, with much to say,
Then comes Taylor Riffle, old and gray.

Wade Mick appears upon the scene,
Next Alva Riffle, though very green,
Gilbert Riffle steps in o' view,
Then Grafton Riffle, tried and true.

Next Ruddle Posey, he comes in,
Then Manly Posey with a little grin,
Brownie Riffle , next we find,
Then Sanford Posey, good and kind.

Next Bill Beckner steps into sight,
Then Ernie Fox, with all of his might,
Ray Fox comes next to take his stand,
Then Boss Riffle joins the band.

Now comes Fred Riffle, slim and tall,
George Riffle next, both great and small,
Next Ezra Posey, blithe and gay,
Then Burr Skinner steps this way.

Amos Henline next we greet,
Then Walter Blake with his big feet,
Mart Posey next, whom you all know
Jim Murphy next, though very slow.

Bruce Posey next comes down the pike,
Closely followed by his son Mike,
Cam Sharp, the pumper, he comes next,
Then Walter Sharp, so easily vexed.

Now comes Glen Sharp with easy tread,
Next Martin Fox, with whiskers red,
Clem Chrislip next with lots of cheek,
Next on the list is Uncle Zeke.

Next we write Jack Posey's name,
Fred Posey next, of fighting fame,
Young Bennett next, whose name is Holt,
Doyle Skinner next like a frisky colt.

John Posey next with pipe in hand,
Then next Linn Strader takes the stand,
Next Early Riffle takes his place,
Then Okey Strader with his fat face.

John Strader next, sly as a fox,
Then Floyd Posey, dumb as an ox,
Billy the Newspacker completes the list,
Unless there's some we may have missed.

Uncle Zeke.

1. "Uncle Zeke" is the pen name of Patrick Newton Blake (1867-1951) born on Clover Fork, made his home near the confluence of Posey Run and Oil Creek. For more on Uncle Zeke, see entries for December '06 Trouble At Uncle Zeek's House and October '06 Uncle Zeke From Buzzard Town

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