Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Helen Frame's Story

Thanks to David Parmer for the information and photographs.

To the left is Helen (Frame) Jeffries and to the right is her mother, Nellie Grace Wymer at the age of 16.

The story of Helen Frame and her path to Orlando best begins with her mother Nellie Grace Wymer who was born in Jane Lew.

Nellie was a teacher and also worked for a Weston newspaper. She married Cecil Stewart who was killed in a railroad accident in Weston in 1911, three months before their first child was born. This first child, a girl, was named Cecil after her father.

Later Nellie married Charles Frame, who was living in Clarksburg. They had three children, Wanza, James and then Helen, who came along in 1921.

Sadly, Nellie contracted tuberculosis. The family moved to Florida for Nellie's health, but she died at age 36 when Helen was only five years of age. Helen's dad kept the children he could best care for and, as dads often had and have to do, found relatives to take in the others.

Helen was placed in the care of her aunt Sarah (Frame) Cole of Gillespie, Braxton County. Sarah and her husband Herbert Cole were of the Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints. Herbert was an Elder in the church. Little Helen was only with her aunt and uncle a short time when her Aunt Sarah's health began a decline. Elder Herbert Cole knew the Henline family from visiting the RLDS Mission 1930 in Orlando. He knew the Henline home would be a good place for Helen to grow up.

Kind people do kind deeds. Helen was raised by the Henline family in Orlando. And she married a Henline boy, Coleman Jeffries, son on of Clora Henline and Ed Jeffries. See the entry dated Jan '07 Clora Henline

Above left all of Nellie Wymer's kids, Cecil Stewart, James, Helen and Wanza Frame, pose for the camera at their Aunt Sarah and Uncle Herbert's house.

To the right are Coleman and Helen (Frame) Jeffries just a few years ago with their daughter Barbara, son-in-law David Parmer and grandson.

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