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Clora Henline

Clora Heline's granddaughter's husband, David Parmer shares the following.

Clora Henline (1881-1957), daughter of Beham and Semantha (Skinner) Henline, was Oil Creek born and raised and that is where she raied her children Coleman and Opal.

Clora and Ed Jeffries were the parents of two children, Coleman Jeffries and Opal (Jeffries) McCrobie. Ed and Clora never married. The two children, Coleman and Opal, lived off and on with both parents, with their dad in Burnsville and their mother in Orlando , but always considered Orlando their home.

According to family tradition, Ed Jeffries owned the Central Hotel at one time, a hardware and livery supplies store in Burnsville. Ed Jeffries’ first wife died around 1901. He was single for about 5 years and during this period was courting Clora. Clora continually refused to marry Ed. He then remarried but he and his second wife had been separated for 10 or 15 years at the time of his death and she was living in Kentucky.

Like most of Semantha (Skinner) Henline's family Clora belonged to Mission 1930 of the Re-organized Church of Latter Day Saints that her uncle William Otto Skinner established in Orlando and her kids belonged to congregation's youth group.

Above left is Clora with her children Coleman and Opal. To the right is visiting RLDS Elder Newton with several of Semantha (Skinner) Henline's family, including Clora in the center back. The photo at the bottom to the right shows Clora with Coleman's daughter Barbara.

Clora had an interesting professional life. In her early years she provided day care for Dr. Stanton and Callie Trimble's two children, Stanton and Mary Elizabeth. To the left is Callie Trimble with daughter Mary Elizabeth.

Family tradition also tells us that Clora later operated a restaurant in partnership with her niece's, Ollie (Skinner) Parmer's, husband Nathan Parmer (See July '06 entry Ollie and Nathan Parmer and Oct '06 entry Building Bridges.)

The restaurant was located just south of the depot at Orlando, just downstream from the eastern stone pier of the bridge on the Coal and Coke line. Apparently they had a falling out and Clora ended up suing Nathan in court over the dispute. Later Clora's brother-in-law, Mike Thomas, would operate a pool hall in that building. ( see Nov '06 entry Mike Thomas' Family)

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