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Schools & Teachers in the Oil Creek Watershed

This entry provides a little information about the McCauley Run, Petersons Siding, Dumpling Run and Posey Run elementary schools. Other public elementary schools that we know of in the Oil Creek watershed are the Lewis County school that overlooked downtown Orlando, Clover Fork Elementary and the Walnut Grove Elementary School at Peterson's Siding. There were probably others. We have only sketchy information on the schools. We welcome additional info, photos, stories.

To the right, 1935 Peterson Siding School photo, teacher Thomas Groves.

McCauley Run School
1921-1922 E. J. Cox pictured to the right.
1922-1926 no records yet.
1926-1927 C. A. Wade.
1927-1934 no records yet.
1935-1936 Edith Crutchfield.
1936-1938 Stanton Trimble.
1938-1943 Beulah McPherson Gibson.
1943-1945 Madge Moore.
1945-1946 No records yet.
1946-1947 Golda McNemar.
1947-1948 Clara Teter
1948-1953 Beulah McPherson Gibson Fridley
1953-1954 Beulah Conrad.
1954-1958 Hazel Hardman.
1959-1960 Sandra Heater. This was last year of school. Final enrollment: 14.

Dumpling Run School
1921-1922 Mary McPherson
1923-1926 no records yet.
1926-1927 Ernestine Hyre
1927-1935 no records yet.
1935-1936 Cleve Mick
1936-1938 Freeda Mick pictured to the right.
1938-1940 A. W. McNemar This was last year of school. Final enrollment:13

Clover Fork
Virginia (McCoy) Skinner
pictured to the right.

Orlando School
See the Feb, '07 entry Orlando School which discusses the Orlando School in the The Rusmisell & Fury Addition in Braxton County.

Posey Run School
See the Apr '07 The Posey Run School

Teacher Biographies
Eolin J. Cox and his sister Jessie Cox
Eolin J. Cox taught school at the old Burnsville Academy, and later at various schools in Braxton County, including the school at Orlando. He taught school for over fifty years. During the summers when school was not in session he was a salesman for the Burnsville Wholesale Grocery and the Crescent Wholesale Grocery in Burnsville.

Ms. Jessie Cox, also taught a few terms at the Orlando school in the early days. Jessie Cox also taught school for nearly fifty years, in Braxton and Gilmer Counties, and ended her teaching career in Fairmont.

Virginia (McCoy) Skinner
Virginia Skinner taught at Clover Fork Elementary. She also taught at Walnut Grove School at Peterson Siding.
See the Sept '06 entry Virginia McCoy Was a School Teacher at Clover Fork

Ernestine Hyre
Ernestine Hyre Tulley taught at Dumpling Run, Posey, Orlando Walnut Grove at Peterson Siding.

Information provided by David Parmer.

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