Friday, November 03, 2006

Old Timers

In the 1950s and '60s, old guys sitting on the Post Office porch downtown, just sitting and whittling and talking among themselves, were as much a part of a summer's day as the sun's warmth, the demanding buzz of the katiedids and the smell of the hot, dusty asphalt road.

In the front row are from the left are Doc Henline, Earse Posey, and Nathan Parmer. On the back row are Ed McNemar, the young girl is Cecil Skinner, daughter of Kate and Cecil Skinner, and Heater Henline. The photo to the left was taken on the porch of the Orlando Post Office/Warehouse about 1960. To the right is the same shot if the photographer had stepped back a couple hundred yards.

These gentlemen were young in Orlando's heyday. Below are photos of them from other entries in this blog.

to the right Doc Henline looks worried, as well he should, holding the northbound end of a cow his buddy is trying to ride. see Oct 24, '06 entry Horsing Around With A Cow

below left Earse Posey is shown with his friend "Pid" Henline.

below right Nathan Parmer poses with is wife Olive "Ollie" (Skinner).
See entry July 12, '06 Ollie and Nathan Parmer

We're still looking for a photo of Ed Nemar

right Cecil Skinner in the 1980s

bottom left E. R. "Heater" Henline gathers with other children, grandchildren and sons & daughters-in-law around matriarch Semantha (Skinner) Heater.

See also the entry on Oct. 03, '06 Samantha (Skinner) Henline's Family

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