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E.U.B. Ladies' Aid

by Pat Reckhart

There was a group of ladies from the Evangelical United Brethern Church and they called themselves the Ladies Aid, I guess it had been started many years ago. They had a president of the group as well as a secretary and a treasurer, and they always met once a month at each others’ homes. They always opened with scripture reading and a prayer. Then there was the secretary’s report, which was mostly where they had met the month before and if there were people in the community that needed prayer. And then came the treasurer's report I know they did different things to make money, but I don't know what the money was used for. I know it was used for the church and I remember they sold Danny Duzits, stainless steel pot scratchers.

rt above: Virgi Henline and Josie Beckner with the minister's wife Irene England.
lt: Danny Duzit stainless steel sponges
There were several ladies in the group and each one took a turn having the meeting once a month, and usually it was an all day meeting, I remember, I think it was around 1963, and it was my turn. I lived at Burnsville then so all that week I worked and worked on my house to make sure it was clean as clean. I had three kids then all three were small and I warned them that they had to be on their best behavior or else. The day of the meeting I was up at daylight getting the food ready. I think it was probably a covered dish but who ever had the meeting still made several different dishes such as baked chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans and desserts as well as the drinks, It was always expected for Josie Beckner to bring her fried bologna I don't remember how she did it but it was made with a hot pepper sauce, and it was a real big hit, after the meeting and lunch every just around and talked.

I'm going to tell you the people that was in the group. Josie Beckner, Virgie Henline, Evelyn Wimer, Necie Freeman, Maude Freeman, Lottie Henline, Ruby Roach, Erma Griffin, Lillie Fox, Velma Hoover, Nellie Casto, Bridgett Godfrey and Goldie Posey, there might be others I don't remember.

One time the meeting was at Goldie Posey’s house when she lived up Clover Fork. I had taken my kids with me my son Scott was about four and he was playing on the porch with the other kids he saw a bumble bee crawling up the post. Not knowing that it would sting he tried to pick it up. Well, you can imagine all the crying. We run and got the soda box and put some soda on the sting and it wasn't long until he was playing again. Oh those were the days. So bye for now, I’ve got to give my dog a bath.

lt: the EUB church is in the upper right corner. This photo was taken looking southwest from the Orlando (Skinner) Cemetery.
rt: the author, Pat Reckhart.

. . . . .
In the 1930s or '40s Newt Blake, aka Uncle Zeke, visited the U.B.'s Ladies Aid, and made his report to the Buzzardtown News in the form of a poem:

The Ladies Aid
One day I called on the Ladies’ Aid,
It was two o’clock p.m.
I don’t recall how long I stayed,
That was left up to them.
They treated me so nice and good,
On that particular day,
I said I’d help them all I could,
So they called upon me to pray.
Lottie Henline, the president,
A lady that’s worthwhile,
Arose and said, “All be content,
”Then smote a little smile.
A song was sung by all the crowd,
If I make no mistake—
Maud Freeman sang so very loud,
They had to draw the brake.

Minerva Mick then called the roll,
And to my sad surprise,
Virgie Sharp and Carrie Goad,
Stayed at home to bake some pies.
Pearl Edgell then a poem read,
Georgie Hamilton did the same;
Then Uncle Zeke arose and said
“I’m truly glad I came.”

Gladys Helmick was present just the same,
(She always is unless she’s sick);
I hope she’ll never change her name
'Twould be Hel without the Mick.
Effie Skinner and Annie Scott,
And Lillie Fox came late;
I hope that they will surely not,
Be tardy at the pearly gate.

There is Biddie Riffle and Josie Beckner,
With their pleasant smile;
Then Opal Chrislip and Ruth Strader,
They come once in a while.
Joe Skinner and Cora Riffle,
I declare I most forgot;
And don’t let me forget to name,
Charles Wesley, Preacher Scott.

I’ve often wondered how I’d feel,
If I was a U. B. preacher,
If a cup of coffee I could steal,
From another human creature.

The Ladies Aid is doing fine,
So join them sister, brother,
And add another star in your crown,
By helping one another.

comment 1
For starters, here are some of the relationships among some of the members at the EUB Ladies' Aid
Josie (Riffle) Beckner, Della (Riffle) Wimer’s sister
Ruby Roach, daughter of Josie (Riffle) Henline
Necie (Skinner) Freeman,
Evelyn (Mitchell) Wimer, Necie’s daughter, She and Della (Riffle) Wymer married brothers. Maude (Mick) Freeman, Necie & Maude were married to brothers
Lillie Gay (Keller) Fox, daughter of Preacher Keller
Bridgett Godfrey Nellie Casto’s mom, author’s grandmother
Nellie (Godfrey) Casto, author’s mom
Goldie Posey born near Fairmont, in 1941 Goldie Belt married Dee Posey who grew up on Clover Fork and worked for the railroad.
Virgie Henline
Lottie Henline
Velma Hoover
Erma Griffin

comment 2
Orlando's Methodist Church also had a Ladies' Aid.
comment 3 from the Danny Duzit web page:
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